Tests en ligne - Anglais niveau Débutant

Exercice 1 :

1. My name Christopher.
2. I twenty years old.
3. How old you ?
4. What time it ?
5. They restautant managers.
6. My brother fifteen.
7. What nationality you ?
8. We French!
9. It a cat!
10. She my sister.

Exercice 2 :

1. We stayed in hotel near the city center.
2. book was written by Jane Anders.
3. I had exciting vacation in Spain.
4. He bought new car last weekend.
5. My father is director of this company.
6. I live in house in Smallville.
7. hotel I'm at is on the other side of town.
8. Is there hospital near here?
9. students will soon arrive.
10. I think that is intelligent choice.

Exercice 3 :

1. Are there apples in the kitchen?
2. What in your free time?
3. I went the library last Sunday.
4. What he like? - He is very friendly.
5. I a new car last month.
6. How money do you have in your pocket?
7. He came home late last night.
8. Jack is a nice boy, and I like .
9. I get up seven o'clock every day.
10. I like music.

Exercice 4 :

1. The children in that class nine years old.
2. How to work?
3. Do you like watching TV? Yes, I .
4. to dinner tonight?
5. I enjoy .
6. He can see something in the sky! Why don't we have a look?
7. to come to dinner with us? (invitation)
8. What film we see? (asking for a suggestion)
9. Do you want to dinner tomorrow?
10. He's got interesting stories.

Exercice 5 :

1. I TV when the telephone rang.
2. I'm afraid I'm not hungry. I've eaten lunch.
3. My mother let me late when I was a child.
4. Would you like chicken?
5. He has friends in Chicago.
6. She lunch by the time we arrived.
7. What shall we do tonight? How about a film?
8. to Hollywood?
9. Have you finished your homework ?
10. Jack is really history, especially Japanese history.

Exercice 6 :

1. If she about his financial situation, she would have helped him out.
2. I'll be their cat while they are away on holiday.
3. He makes his children their homework every afternoon.
4. The test was difficult she had problems finishing it on time.
5. By the time she arrives, we our homework.