Tests en ligne - Anglais niveau Confirmé

Exercice 1 :

1. It would be better if they longer holidays.
2. I enjoy
3. If you him, he would have robbed me.
4. John and are good friends.
5. the Headmaster last week?
6. We're great friends. We for years.
7. late.
8. It's impossible to do a day's work without .
9. His wife doesn't want the army.
10. He felt when he failed his exams.
11. I about emigrating.
12. I home for Christmas.
13. I don’t know what .
14. Be quiet or I’ you.
15. He had to go home his clothes.
16. She’s the woman won the lotto.
17. You look a bodybuilder.
18. How many CD’s ?
19. It’s all been decided: I to visit you at the weekend.
20. We've got time.
21. Our cat kittens.
22. Can you ?
23. I escaped without trouble.
24. I know that he watching as we're talking.
25. I smoke.
26. The phone rang while I television.
27. This picture by Vermeer.
28. It’s a good thing that I to go to school today.
29. The teacher told me .
30. As soon as I started the film, I realized I it already.
31. I a lot of money a few years ago from my grandfather
32. She's so . Her feelings are easily hurt.
33. The teachers give us extra homework when some students badly.
34. I haven't eaten anything for hours. I'm !
35. I'm my third year at university, studying biology.
36. Could you give me a 20% on this bag? It has a mark on it.
37. My wife's a . She's having an exhibition in Paris next week.
38. You're not allowed to drive in a area.
39. Judy's so . She's always trying to get people to do what she wants
40. I've finally thrown my old leather jacket.
41. We often have lunch outside on our .
42. My boyfriend his nails when he's nervous.
43. You must be tired because you can't stop .
44. John entered the room and hands with the interviewer.
45. Clara her hair and put on her jacket to go out.